The facilitator of our workshops is Larisa V. Shavinina, Ph.D., a Professor of Project Management and Innovation at the Department of Administrative Sciences in the University of Québec en Outaouais (UQO), Gatineau, Québec, Canada. Dr. Shavinina is also the founder and President of INNOCREX, as well as a member of the Deputy Ministers Research-Action Roundtable on Creativity in the Federal Public Service. Dr. Shavinina authored more than 109 publications, including books, articles, chapters, and presentations. Her research focuses on innovation talent, innovation management—especially the phenomenon of breakthrough innovation in the case of innovators with longstanding records of achievements— entrepreneurial giftedness, managerial excellence (e.g., the role of intuition and wisdom in successful management), and high ability studies broadly defined (e.g., scientific talent in the case of Nobel laureates). Her bestselling International Handbook on Innovation (1171 printed pages), published by Elsevier in 2003, was the first and only encyclopedia of its type, and is considered the beginning of innovation science. It is aimed at unifying the field of innovation: at merging business, management, and psychological perspectives together. She introduced innovation education as a new direction in education. Innovation is also an important element in Dr. Shavinina’s research on talent and economy, a fundamental part of an innovation driven economy. Her International Handbook on Giftedness (1539 printed pages) was published in 2009 by Springer Science and Business Media. This handbook sets a new standard for the field of talent and will be essential to scholars’ knowledge base for years to come. Professor Shavinina’s new Routledge International Handbook of Innovation Education was published by Taylor & Francis in April 2013. It opens an entirely new direction in science: innovation education. Dr. Shavinina’s main teaching assignments are graduate courses on innovation, project team management, successful project management, and project management skills development. Dr. Shavinina is frequently an invited speaker at important international-scale events: she opened an International Conference on Giftedness in Germany (Bad Boll, 2006) where she spoke about innovation education, and delivered a keynote presentation at the Wallace National Symposium on Talent Development in the United States (Iowa City, 2006). She was a keynote speaker at the Ideas Arabia 4th International Conference where she was talking on How Can Innovation Help us through an Economic Recession (Dubai, 2009), at the Conference of the International Centre for Innovation in Education (Ulm, Germany, 2009) to celebrate the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Dr. Shavinina also presented a keynote speech on How to Develop Innovators at the US National Science Board, with a subsequent report to Congress and President Obama in 2009. Her publications have appeared in the Review of General Psychology, New Ideas in Psychology, Creativity Research Journal, High Ability Studies, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, and others. She co-edited CyberEducation: The Future of Long Distance Learning (Liebert Publishers, 2001) and Beyond Knowledge: Extracognitive Aspects of Developing High Ability (Erlbaum Publishers, 2004). She edited Silicon Valley North: A High-Tech Cluster of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Elsevier, 2004), as well as the above-mentioned handbooks. Dr. Shavinina is currently working on the book about breakthrough innovation.