Welcome to INNOCREX!

INNOCREX is an organization specializing in professional development training on the management of innovation, creativity, excellence, managerial talent, intuition, applied wisdom, and entrepreneurial giftedness.

Creativity, innovation, and excellence are the driving forces for successful organizations. Global competition is increasingly harsh and organizations must continuously bring new products and services to market. The new economy is characterized by the need for highly creative minds, who are able to generate and implement innovative ideas leading to organizational excellence and success. People of exceptionally creative ability thus remain an extremely important source of organizational innovation and excellence. Despite the importance of creativity, innovation, and excellence for the survival of any organization, people are not taught how to manage them in the workplace. INNOCREX does it by offering one-day workshops for leaders and team members in the public, private, and non-profit organizations. 

Based on research findings and numerous cases of creative, innovative, and excellent individuals and organizations, our workshops present management strategies and best working practices for creativity, innovation, and excellence. The workshops provide the most comprehensive, practical accounts available of what creativity, innovation, excellence, managerial talent and intuition, applied wisdom, and entrepreneurial giftedness are, how they are managed, developed, measured, and how they affect individuals, groups, organizations, and countries.